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Welcome To Taylormade

Taylormade was established in 1947 as E & A Taylor. We are now one of the foremost suppliers of insulated screen covers for motorhomes and all campers in general..

Serving the Public for more than 60 years

We are proud to announce that Mum & Dad retired in December and that Taylormade is now being run by 2nd Generation of the family. We even have the 3rd Generation in training!

Taylormade don't make covers for anyone else!

Customer Notices & Important Dates

Dont forget
For orders to the Highlands, Islands (Inc NI) & Outside the UK, please contact us for a delivery quote before placing an order.

Screen Covers:

We manufacture external covers for a wide range of vehicles using best quality materials.

Our external covers are supplied in British Thermal Fire Retardant Wadding and have the added advantage of preventing condensation as well as being rugged enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

FREE Waterproof Bag


In addition to screen covers we also manufacturer an ever expanding selection of covers to suit a multitude of uses including full park up cab covers, bonnets, bikes, motorbikes, invalid scooters, tyre covers and bags for chairs, poles etc.

We claim to be "High on Quality - Low on Price" and as manufacturers have the advantage of being able to offer unbeatable prices as we sell direct to the public - both by Mail Order and at a number of the Motorhome Shows throughout the country.

Easy to store and use

The cover is easy to put on. With the doors open the cover is hooked over the top corner of the door, trapping it when the door is closed. A strip of Velcro allows the doors to open even when the cover is in use.

We provide each cover with its own bag for storage. Rainwater can be shaken off the cover when it has to be packed away, but we recommend that it is dried off before packing away permanently so that mildew does not form

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