We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Carolyn and Tina.

In 2016 we took over the business from my parents after they had retired.

We are a small friendly business and everything we sell is actually made by us.

Taylormade don’t make covers for anyone else.

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External Covers

At Taylormade we make 2 different lengths of covers. We make standard length covers and Longline covers depending on the base vehicle.
The aim of our covers is to keep the cab area warm in winter and stop condensation and in the summer to deflect the sun back keeping the cab area cooler.
We make the covers to fit the base vehicle rather than the conversion. Our covers are made from 2 layers of 300denier silver coated polyester with a 235g wadding sandwiched in the middle, there is no tog rating for the wadding the 235g means that you have 235 fibres in a square inch.
The covers are sewn in3 pieces and Velcro’d back together with 2” Velcro, allowing the screen to be turned down during the day time. A Privacy net is available to order separate to go at the back of the windscreen, this allows you to turn the front down without the uv rays damaging your soft furnishing.

Longline Covers

The Longline cover also covers both cab doors and the windscreen but has the added bonus of being longer, it covers the wipers, scuttle and vents near the top of the bonnet. The aim of this cover is to eliminate as much cold air as possible coming into the cab area. As your wipers are further back up under the cover, we supply you with 2 elastic straps with clips on to either clip under the back of the bumper or thru the front grill.

Standard Length Covers

The standard length cover covers both cab doors and the windscreen to the bottom of the glass only. In windy weather you can put your wipers on top. The windscreen fully turns down.

Carry Bag

All the covers come in a water proof bag, The bag measurements are approximately for a standard length is 43”x30”. Longline bags are approximately 60”x 45”. This can be reduced by folding the cover and squashing all the air out.

How To Clean The Cover

We recommend that you use warm water with a mild detergent and a soft cloth, do not scrub as the silver is a coating.

How To Fit The Cover

Start by opening a cab door and slide the corner flap over the door, close the door on the way past the mirror there is usually an opening, continue around the front to the other door, lift the cover over the mirror and open the other cab door slightly, slide the corner flap over the cab door and close.

Bike Covers

All our bike covers are for 2 bikes only.

We make 4 types of covers, 2 for motor home mounted racks and 2 for Tow ball mounted.

The cover comes in its own carry bag measuring approx 20”x15”x3”

All the covers are made from a black 420 denier PU nylon.

Unfortunately we don’t make a cover for an offset mounted bike rack on the back of double opening doors.

Tow Ball Mounted Racks

As with the Motor home mounted version the bikes go back to back with the handles in the riding position.

We also make 2 sizes of covers1 for adult push bikes and the other for adult Electric bikes with the larger wheels.

As with the van mounted covers they have a 20” square clear pocket sewn onto the front panel. The back of the covers  have 1 slit down the back, on this cover there is complete Velcro from top to bottom. We make it with opening for the various tow ball mounted racks. If you don’t require the opening then the cover can be used just as a bag to go over the top of the bikes.

As with the van mounted type the only difference is the width of the middle panel which goes over the top.

Again around the bottom of the cover is 3mm shock cord with plastic toggles.

This cover is shorter than the van mounted to allow lights and number plates to be still visible.

Full dimensions can be found by clicking on the actual photos of the backs of the covers.

Motor Home Mounted Racks

These covers are designed for the handles bars to be in the riding position and facing back to back on the rack. We make 2 sizes of covers, 1 for adult push bikes and 1 for electric adult bikes with the larger wheels.

The front panel has a clear plastic pocket about 20”square for the red and white warning board. We don’t supply the warning board. The back is made up of 3 panels with a short piece of Velcro near the top, we don’t put Velcro the full length down as when the cover is high up on the rack it is very difficult to fasten the whole piece of Velcro from around the back.  The only difference between the push and electric cover is the width of the middle panel which goes over the top. Around the bottom of the covers is a 3mm shock cords and toggles to tighten the cover.

Full dimensions can be found by click on the actual photos of the backs of the covers.

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