Bike Cover

All our bike covers are designed for two adult bikes which are mounted to the back of a motor home only.

We make four types of bike covers for motor homes, two for rear-mounted racks on the back of the motor homes and two for tow ball mounted on the back of the motor home.

The cover comes in its own carry bag measuring approx 20”x15”x3” (51x38x8cm).

All the covers are made from a black 420 denier PU nylon.

One design has a vertical slit down the centre of the cover, which is secured by velcro. This allows one arm attached to the bike to pass through the cover to the bike rack.

The other design as two vertical slits, approximately 24in (61cm) apart, which makes a panel drop down between the two arms which the majority of motor home bike racks have. Most of the Fiamma bike racks are this design, and this is the design we sell most of.

Both designs have Velcro to fasten the slits, and an elastic cord around the bottom with a Grip Lock to secure When tightened up.

Unfortunately, we don’t make a cover for an offset mounted bike rack on the back of double opening doors.

These are not intended for use with car-mounted tow balls.

We make a cover for bikes which are carried on the racks for when some bikes are carried with the handle bars folded down foe either towball mounted or rear racks on motorhomes.

The warning board for the bike covers aren’t supplied by us.

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