External Windscreen Covers

At Taylormade we make 2 different lengths of covers. We make standard length covers and Longline covers depending on the base vehicle.

The aim of our covers is to keep the cab area warm in winter and stop condensation and in the summer to deflect the sun back keeping the cab area cooler.

We make the covers to fit the base vehicle rather than the conversion. Our covers are made from 2 layers of 300 denier silver coated polyester with a 235g wadding sandwiched in the middle, there is no tog rating for the wadding the 235g means that you have 235 fibres in a square inch.

The covers are sewn in 3 pieces and Velcro’d back together with 2” (5 cm) Velcro, allowing the screen to be turned down during the day time. A Privacy net is available to order separate to go at the back of the windscreen, this allows you to turn the front down without the uv rays damaging your soft furnishing.

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