A Class Screen Covers

Currently we have a large portfolio of A Class patterns which we make up to order. If we don’t have your A Class vehicle we will endeavour to find one to make a pattern from. Prices are £282 plus £12 delivery.

We attach the covers on by bonding two aluminium strips to the back edge of the door frame and window frame with adhesive. We use this method as the door seals are very soft and if you were to pass a flap thru either the door or window, you would squash the seal and then water would penetrate thru. The corresponding awning tape is then sewn onto the cover allowing to slide it up into the strips. there is also suction pads fitted onto the side windows.

All A-Class privacy nets from £80.80 inc VAT.

Below are photos of our guide on how to fit a Taylormade A-Class cover.

Please phone or email to enquire whether we have your pattern.

View a fantastic review of one of our A-Class Windscreen Covers below:

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