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External Windscreen Covers

External Windscreen Covers

Our standard 3 piece cover allows the part of it which covers the windscreen to be turned down. This allows light in and means that the cover need not be removed during the daytime. This feature does not compromise water integrity of the cover, the insulative effectiveness, and does not cause a theft risk.

We make a net for this cover which fills the space when the cover is turned down. This keeps out the sun, and lets you see out without others seeing in. This is a optional extra.

Our new long windscreen covers are 9 inches (24cm) longer. This means that they cover the Wipers, Scuttle and grille at the top of the bonnet.

This extra length really keeps out bad weather, giving you ultimate insulation.

Like our standard cover, our Longer Length cover has a turn-down flap to let light in during the daytime.

Our new Longer Length windscreen cover can be used together with an insulated skirt to make the Ultimate all over cab cover.

From around 2012 New Remis blinds were introduced on both the Boxer and the Ducato, these are Internal cassette blinds on the inside of the cab doors, To accomodate the extra thickness we have made a wider flap to go over the corner of the cab door.

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